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Honeymoon Program 11 Days 11 Days

How do candlelit dinners, traditional Zaffa show, sailing along the Nile, and exploring some of the finest Tombs and Temples sound to you? Well that is what you will get and more on your 11 day honeymoon adventure.

Cairo Hurghada 5 days – 4 Night 5 Days

Discover 5000 year old pieces of art and relics before heading out for some fun in the sun. Diving and snorkeling or just relaxing poolside this trip is sure to educate as well as relax you. This gives you a taste of the rich history along with the beauty of the sea, yours to enjoy!


Honey moon program 10 Days 10 Days

Honeymoons are all about love and you are going to Love this one. From romantic dinners to captivating sites this is sure to please. Enjoy boats rides and exploring amazing Tombs and Temples all while being with the one you love.

Cairo – Aswan – Luxor 5 Days 4 Nights 5 Days

With majestic sites, surreal scenery and more in this total trip of amazement. From the Giza Plateau to the wondrous Pharoanic Temples this trip is sure to cover all the curiosities you have had before about ancient Egypt. Set your sites on the finest historical monuments in the world and indulge in the rich history and culture.

Cairo – Abu Simbal 3 days – 2 Night 3 Days

From museums to Temples back to the Great Pyramids this trip is surely going to strike your histological cord.  Amazing sites, magical Temples and must see attractions all packed into 3 days of mystery and wonder.

Cairo - Luxor 4 days – 3 Night 4 Days

From 4th century fortresses to 9th century churches this trip will really leave you in awe. Explore Pyramids, Temples, and monuments; see the sights you only read about. From the rich history to the majestic wonders Egypt has to offer all waiting for you to see.