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Cairo – Abu Simbel ( 3 days – 2 Night ) 3 Days

From museums to Temples back to the Great Pyramids this trip is surely going to strike your histological cord. Amazing sites, magical Temples and must see attractions all packed into 3 days of mystery and wonder.

Cairo - Luxor 4 days – 3 Night 4 Days

Combining different eras of history this trip is sure to satisfy your curiosity of Egypt. From the religious history of the Holy Family to the Cultural history of the days of the pharaohs you will get to experience a little of both. A true gem to the eyes and soul, Egypt is full of wonder and mystery.

Honeymoon Program 11 Days 11 Days

How do candlelit dinners, traditional Zaffa show, sailing along the Nile, and exploring some of the finest Tombs and Temples sound to you? Well that is what you will get and more on your 11 day honeymoon adventure.

Cairo – Luxor – Aswan 5 Days 4 Nights 5 Days

This compact trip will leave nothing to be desired. You will experience firsthand the rich cultural history of the Pharaohs. From exquisite Temples to the historical sites there is so much to see and learn. Take it all in and take home memories of a lifetime.

Full Day Egyptian Museum and Old Cairo 1 Days

Cairo is one of the oldest cities in the world with this tour you get to have a taste of Cairo in all its glory. Start by looking inside the historic Museum then venture out in to Old Cairo which is filled with history and culture.

Full Day Giza Pyramid,Memphis,Sakkara and Dahshur 1 Days

Enjoy a full day of exploring all the Pyramids and sites Giza has to offer. Picturesque monuments and overall surreal scenery is what you are expected to see one this one day adventure.

Full Day Giza Pyramid and Egyptian Museum 1 Days

This is the most popular trip

Giza Pyramid Optional 1 Days

Explore the Giza Plateau and see all the wonder and amazement. Known as one of the Seven Wonders of the World it is truly a breathtaking and captivating site to see.

Nile Cruise – 5 Days – 4 Nights 5 Days

Travel back in time and experience the wonders of the ancient Temples and Monuments built by Pharaohs and Kings. All while coasting down the Nile River and enjoying the serene landscape and countryside. Take in all the remarkable sites and lose yourself in the rich history and culture.

Optional Sakkara, Memphis & Dahshur Tour 1 Days

Cairo has so much to see, feel, eat and buy so if you have time and want to add more to your itinerary – just let us know what you are interested in and we will arrange it for you.

Optional Over day Alexandria 1 Days

Historical Alexandria is one of the world's oldest cities full of rich history and very dense culture. Explore not only Egyptian history in Alexandria but also Greco Roman as well as the Byzantine era. See for yourself all of what Alexandria has to offer.

Coptic and Islamic Cairo 1 Days

From a religious stand point see why Cairo is known as the birthplace or religion. From seeing where the Holy Family stayed to some of the finest and oldest Mosques you will be able to see the historical religious sites and more with this trip.

Optional Over day Abu Simbel 1 Days

One of the most well-preserved Temples in all of Egyptian history, Abu Simbel is a memorable and captivating site to see. Remarkably built on a sandstone cliff it was saved in 1960 from flooding and still remains one of Egypt's most prized Temples.

Optional Over day Aswan 1 Days

Explore where the Goddess Isis once roamed free. Here you will see the remarkable Temples built for her as well as the mesmerizing High Damn in all its glory.

Over day Luxor 1 Days

Marvel at all the color and magnificent cultural history Luxor has to offer. From breathtaking sites to some of the most well-preserved tombs in the world this is truly a must see.

9 Days – 8 Nights 9 Days

Everything that makes up ancient Egyptian history is packed into this trip. Sightsee the finest sites, explore the most well-kept Temples, and lounge on the famous Red Sea. You will get all that and more on this 9 day tour that will leave you in awe and amazement.

7 Days – 6 Nights 7 Days

Taking a trip back in time to discover the different eras in history is truly a captivating experience. You will see and experience some of the world's oldest mysteries, see mesmerizing Temples and colorful tombs ending with the amazing Seven Wonders of the World

8 Days – 7 Nights 8 Days

Combining ancient Pharaonic era with the post Biblical era history you will enjoy all the culture and history in one trip. See the best of the best when it comes to Pharaonic Tombs and Temples as well as Old Cairo history. With breathtaking views and sites you are sure to love this trip.

Cairo – Luxor - Hurghada 6 days – 5 Night 6 Days

A full package of exploration and relaxation is what you are expected to get with this trip. From the ancient history and art the museum has to offer to the awe inspiring temples and tombs in Luxor. Leisurely experiencing Hurghada's majestic seas and ending up back in Cairo to explore the pyramids

Cairo 3 Days - 2 Nights 3 Days

This short trip gives you all you need to have a proper taste of what Egypt has to over. Through this cultural tour you find yourself e4xperiencing some of the world's most beautiful site and truly have a memorable experience.

Dahabiya 3 nights – 4 days 4 Days

Sailing on the Nile River you will travel the scenic route through Dahabaya and Aswan. You will be taking in the sites of our ancient Tombs and Temples. With each day there will be new discovery and adventure filled with history and unimaginable beauty.

Dahabiya 5 days - 4 Nights 5 Days

From majestic Tombs to captivating Temples the trip has all the iconic history of the Pharaohs tied up into a neat package. Explore the beauty and discover the rich history all while having a relaxing sail down the Nile.

Dahabya 7 Days 6 Nights 7 Days

Luxor is a captivating city, in this trip you will embark on all it has to offer. From the stellar Temples to the highly recommended Tombs you will have an experience of a lifetime. See for yourself all the beauty that is held in Luxor.

Cairo Abu simple Luxor 6 day 5 night 5 Days

Five full days of excitement and exploration. Starting with famed Museum of Antiquities to seeing the most beautiful sites and historic monuments Egypt has to offer. A gem that truly stands out from all the rest.

7 Days 6 Nights 7 Days

With first experiencing the wonder and amazement of the famed Museum of Antiquities you will then be whisked away to the gorgeous City of Luxor where you will find some of the world's most beautiful tombs and sites known to man.

Egypt Nile Cruise 7 Days

With first experiencing Old Cairo with all its rich ancient Coptic and Islamic history you will experience all that is old and new. Then cruising down the Nile for a relaxing journey of color and amazement on to taking in some of the best sites in the world.

Cairo - Luxor ( 4 days – 3 nights ) 4 Days

From 4th century fortresses to 9th century churches this trip will really leave you in awe. Explore Pyramids, Temples, and monuments; see the sights you only read about. From the rich history to the majestic wonders Egypt has to offer all waiting for you to see.

Cairo Hurghada 5 days – 4 Night 5 Days

Discover 5000 year old pieces of art and relics before heading out for some fun in the sun. Diving and snorkeling or just relaxing poolside this trip is sure to educate as well as relax you. This gives you a taste of the rich history along with the beauty of the sea, yours to enjoy!

Cairo - Luxor 3 days – 2 Night 3 Days

Visit the land of the pharaohs and explore their tombs and temples. See how they lived and all they built and accomplished. The beauty they experienced and left behind is yours to explore. Unmask the rich history you heard about and see for yourself.